Our Black Forest Santa is a warm, 26-inch Woodland Santa figure, who joyfully embraces his reindeer and chipmunk friends. The hand crafted reindeer and chipmunk are delightfully realistic.  Each animal is adorned with woodland greenery.

This handcrafted Santa is dressed in a dark sage velvet coat with a luxurious variegated brown, tan and white faux fur, with guard hairs that make the fur look real. Santa’s brown suede pack, on his back, is filled with fabric wrapped boxes and faux woodland greens, berries and branches.  Alongside the huge pack of gifts is additional greenery and branches that make the back of the Santa as interesting as the front. A battery operated lantern hangs at Santa’s brown pig suede cummerbund.

As with other Stone Soup Santa’s, Black Forest Santa has a hand sculpted, polymer clay face, which makes him a one-of-a-kind Santa. He has a Tibetan wool head of hair and beard.  Each Stone Soup Santa is signed and dated beneath the beard. Black Forest Santa is a beautiful collectible Santa.