Travel Afar


Travel Afar is a masterpiece Santa! This 42 inches tall Santa is proudly and elegantly riding a grizzly bear to deliver his packages. He has plenty of those holiday gifts  in his brown suede bag on his back. Along with the Grizzly that he rides, he is joined by additional realistic animals including a black-tailed rabbit, a ground squirrel, and a chipmunk. This Santa is wearing a vintage raccoon coat tailored just for him. His boots and cummerbund match his bag and are created with soft brown suede. Travel Afar Santa and his bear are adorned with greenery and berries to present a delightful woodland scene.  His face is hand sculpted, and he has a beautiful Tibetan wool beard.  He is signed and dated under the beard.


For further information and pricing contact Shelie or Richard McCall by phone (415) 927-3527 or email [email protected]


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