Wildwood Santa is a wonderfully lifelike Santa figure, who looks like he just wandered out of the forest. A beautiful Woodland Santa Claus, he is cloaked in a dark sage green velvet coat with luxurious brown fur trim. He stands tall at 26 inches and does not need a doll stand, since he is built with a frame of wood and steel, which allows him to stand on his own.

Beside Wildwood Santa is a brown, walking grizzly with pig suede bags stuffed with fabric wrapped packages, silk greenery and berries. A black tail rabbit peers up at him from beside a pencil pine tree, adorned with tiny white lights that are battery operated. The realistic looking grizzly bear and rabbit are handmade and embellished with organza ribbons and silk greenery.

This wonderful Holiday collectible also carries a garland of silk greenery on his back, which makes him viewable from all sides. Each Stone Soup Santa has a hand sculpted face of polymer clay with a Tibetan wool beard and is truly a one-of-a-kind Christmas collectible.

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To learn more about Stone Soup Santas or purchase a Santa, please give us a call at: (415) 927-3527.

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Shelie and Richard McCall


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