• Silent Night is a perfect Christmas Santa with a traditional joy to him. He is a 26-inch-tall Santa dressed in red velvet with beautiful brown faux fur trim and brown suede boots and cummerbund. He is accompanied by a camel dressed in brown suede bags filled with beautiful fabric wrapped packages and an assortment of holiday greens. He has a Tibetan wool beard and a hand sculpted face making him a one of a kind treasure. ¬†Lastly, he has a battery-operated lit tree creating a Christmas glow where ever he is placed. This Santa is the perfect statement for the most blessed season.  
  • Tell the World

    Tell The World is a beautiful Santa dressed in burgundy velvet with luxurious brown fur trim. This lovely 26 inch Father Christmas is accompanied by a handmade camel adorned with brown suede bags of fabric wrapped packages. A garland of greenery and berries flow down his back and surround the packs in the camel's bags. Tell The World has a soft, luxurious Tibetan wool beard and a hand sculpted face of polymer clay. This Santa is sure to please any collector and brings the Spirit of Christmas into your joyful home.