• Alpine High

    Our Alpine High Santa figure stands 26 inches tall and is surrounded by wonderful winter animals. He is a beautiful Arctic Santa collectible. His handmade animals friends include: a coyote, arctic hare, penguin chick and polar bear. Each animal is adorned with organza ribbons and silk frosted greenery.  To show this handcrafted Santa and his friends the way, a frosted tree with battery-operated lighting provides a gentle glow of light. Alpine High also carries a beautiful assortment of greens, berries and frosted branches on his back, which makes viewing him from any direction a joy. Alpine High Santa wears a luxurious red velvet coat, which is trimmed in a plush white faux fur, giving him a distinct Old World Santa style. His boots and cummerbund are crafted with black pig suede. Like other Stone Soup Santas, Alpine High has a hand sculpted face, with blue eyes and beautiful hair and beard of Tibetan wool.  He is able to stand on his own without any form of stand, because his body and feet are steel and wood.
  • Mountains Bow Down is a wonderful 26-inch woodland Santa perfect for your cabin or natural decorations. He is dressed in a sage green velvet cloak trimmed with luxurious brown faux fur.  He is adorned with handmade snow shoes and canoe made by Native Americans in Canada.  He is accompanied by his friendly coyote, as well as a mouse, squirrel and rabbit tucked away in his canoe. His long Tibetan wool beard brings added warmth to this collectible.  His face is hand sculpted from polymer clay, and Mountains Bow Down is sure to delight even the pickiest of Santa collectors. 
  • Wild Journey Santa is a beautiful 26-inch woodland Santa accompanied by an impressive group of handcrafted realistic animals. His friends include a coyote, a black tailed rabbit and a central park squirrel on a wooden sled, an elephant mouse on his lit tree, and a sweet chipmunk on Santa’s shoulder. This collectible Santa is dressed in sage green velvet and trimmed with luxurious faux fur. He has brown suede boots and cummerbund. He holds a garland of greenery on his back for that all-around viewing experience. His face is hand sculpted with polymer clay and has a soft Tibetan wool beard. He is signed and dated under the beard.