• Glad Tidings

    Glad Tidings Santa is sure to delight any Santa collector. This hand crafted  26-inch Santa figure is dressed in a rich bright red velvet coat, with luxurious, soft, white faux fur trim. He has a gentle and happy hand sculpted face, made with polymer clay.  Glad Tidings is signed and dated under his soft white Tibetan wool beard, which makes him a true Santa Claus collectible. Beside him is a large brown suede bag, overflowing with beautiful fabric and organza ribbon wrapped packages, silk pine and cedar branches. A Golden Retriever puppy is sitting by the bag of gifts, looking up at Glad Tidings, just hoping that one of those gifts is for him. This beautiful Traditional Santa also has a 26-inch pencil pine tree beside him that easily lights up the entire setting. Like all Stone Soup Santas, Glad Tidings stands without help from a doll stand. His body is solidly made with wood and steel. He will make a wonderful addition to your Christmas season collection.
  • Sweetness and Joy

    Sweetness and Joy is a seated Santa that is cuddling his two puppies! Dressed in dark red velvet and natural brown faux fun, he is sitting in a wooden chair to take that much deserved winter rest. He has boots and a cummerbund crafted from brown suede. Santa and his pups are sitting by a pine Christmas tree that lights up with fabric wrapped packages all around. He has victorian blue eyes and a soft Tibetan wool beard, and hand sculpted face of polymer clay. This traditional Santa will bring joy to anyone who loves Santa's and Christmas