• Faithful Traditions

    Faithful Traditions is a vintage postcard style Santa with a nostalgic joy to him. He is a 26 inch tall Santa, dressed in dark red velvet with beautiful brown faux fur trim and brown suede boots and cummerbund. He is accompanied by a traditional donkey carrying a sweet porcelain doll. He also has a brown suede pack of beautiful fabric wrapped gifts and Christmas greenery on his back. He is 26 inches tall and picture perfect. He has a Tibetan wool beard, and a hand sculpted face making him a one of a kind treasure.  Lastly, he has a staff with a lantern that lights up creating a Christmas glow where ever he is placed.  This traditional Santa will bring joy to anyone who loves Santa's and Christmas.
  • Gift of Joy is a beautiful Santa perfect for the doll lover in your family. He is dressed in cranberry mohair with luxurious white faux fur trim. He carries a large black suede bag of beautiful fabric wrapped packages and holiday greenery on his back. He is kindly handing one beautiful package to a little girl. She is dressed in white and burgundy as well. Santa also holds a group of winter branches. He has a Tibetan wool beard and a hand sculpted face making him a one of a kind treasure.  
  • Thomas Nast

    In 1862, Thomas Nast, a cartoonist for Harpers Weekly, drew an image that has become the image that Americans think of immediately as “Santa Claus.” In the middle of the horrors of the Civil War, he drew this loving old gentleman to represent hope, love and joy during the season of Christ’s birth. Thomas Nast believed strongly in keeping the United States together as a nation and drew cartoons in an effort to support families and their soldier sons on both side of the conflict, during a very dark time in our nation. Our rendition of Nast’s drawing would be a wonderful addition to your Santa collectibles. Like all Stone Soup Santa’s, our 26-inch tall Thomas Nast Santa is a handcrafted Santa figure, with a very jovial hand sculpted face of polymer clay. He is dressed in a scarlet mohair outfit, with luxurious faux fur trim. His beard is natural Tibetan wool and signed and dated beneath. His boots are black suede. Santa’s arms are wrapped around a delightful grouping of vintage style Christmas toys and decorations. A garland of silk greenery and berries are tied to his back, and he stands beside a streetlamp decorated with coordinating greenery.  Our Thomas Nast Santa is a perfect American Traditional Santa, who will bring the magic of the season into your home for years and decades to come.
  • Time To Believe

    Time To Believe is a beautiful African American Santa.  His cloak is a rich dark red velvet with luxurious brown faux fur and has boots, cummerbund and bag made from beautiful brown suede. This collectible Santa is adorned with a vintage Steiff bear and porcelain angel doll (will vary as they are vintage). He also has a large suede bag of elegant fabric wrapped packages and Christmas greenery. He also carries a garland of berries and greenery on his back. He is 26 inches tall and truly unique. He has dark brown eyes, a Tibetan wool beard, and a hand sculpted face making him a one of a kind treasure. If you are looking for an excellent addition to your holiday decorations, this one may be the perfect choice!