• Arctic Circle

    Arctic Circle is a 26 inch Santa with a beautiful winter style. He is dressed in a red velvet cloak with luxurious faux fur trim and black suede cummerbund and boots. Santa's friends include a walking polar bear, a penguin chick, a bushback deer and an arctic hare.  He is decorated with iced greenery, red berries and silver branches.  Like all Stone Soup Santa's, he had a soft Tibetan wool beard, and a hand sculpted face. This Santa is a highly elegant addition to a Santa collection.
  • Winter Night

    Winter Night Santa is a 26 inch arctic Santa adorned with realistic arctic animals including a polar bear, a penguin chick and an arctic hare. Winter Night Santa is dressed in a winter white velvet coat with luxurious white faux fur. He carries a garland of silver and snowy branches, crystals and pine on his back. He stands next to a black street lamp that is also decorated in beautiful matching greenery.  His gentle face is hand sculpted with polymer clay, making him a one-of-a-kind Santa figure.  His eyes are Victorian blue, and his beard is made of soft Tibetan wool. This Arctic Santa is just stunning and a perfect addition to an elegant Santa collection.