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  • Almost Heaven

    Almost Heaven is a wondrous Woodland Santa figure, riding on a wooden and steel sled. This one-of-a-kind Santa is lovingly sculpted with polymer clay so that his face is truly unique. A serene and handcrafted collectible Santa, Almost Heaven is dressed in dark forest green velvet with beautiful faux fur and gold and crystal trim. His boots and cummerbund are created with dark brown pig suede. His beard is Tibetan wool and is signed and dated on the underside. This is a large Santa, and the collector will want to provide him at least a four-foot by four-foot space so that he can be fully appreciated. He is accompanied by two lifelike, handcrafted grizzly bears, one large and one small. Each bear decorated with greenery and berries. In Santa’s lap, you will find a selection of heavenly packages, wrapped with delightful fabrics and organza ribbons. This exquisite Woodland Santa might just replace one of your Christmas trees!
  • Blustery Eve

    Blustery Eve Santa is an elegant woodland Santa who travels through the woods with his companion a large grizzly. Santa's coat is made with dark sage green velvet trimmed with luxurious natural brown faux fur.  His boots and cummerbund are crafted with brown suede, as well as the saddlebags that his grizzly friend carries. His overstuffed saddle bags carry elegant fabric wrapped packages and beautiful Christmas berries and forest greenery. Santa also holds a moss covered staff with lantern and a garland of greens on his back. His eyes are victorian blue and he has a soft Tibetan wool beard, and a hand sculpted face of polymer clay. If you are looking for one special piece, perfect for your cabin or your woodland decor, this Santa is perfect!
  • Hucklebeary

  • Midnight Clear

    Midnight Clear Santa is a large, elegant Woodland Santa figure, standing 44-46 inches tall by 4 feet wide.  He is dressed in a vintage raccoon coat with velvet pants and brown suede boots and cummerbund. His jovial face has a soft natural Tibetan wool beard, which is signed and dated underneath. His body is made of steel and wood and is able to stand without support. Midnight Clear is accompanied by a life-size grizzly bear cub, fully dressed with suede bags overflowing with fabric wrapped packages, silk greenery and berries. A handcrafted chipmunk and black tailed rabbit are cuddled in one of Santa’s arms.  Along side this one-of-a-kind Santa is an electric street lamp, decorated with coordinating berries and greenery. This beautiful Woodland Santa will make a wonderful addition to your cherished holiday traditions. His stunning presence will create a wonderful conversation piece for your special Christmas open house.
  • Mountain Joy

  • Special Delivery is a warm and joyful 38-inch woodland Santa. He gently rides a proud grizzly and carries a smaller bear behind him. He carries a bronze compass to guide his way. His delightful bear friends are decorated in forest greens, berries and bronze bells. This collectible Santa is dressed in olive green velvet and trimmed with luxurious faux fur. He has brown suede boots and cummerbund. This lovely Santa is a beautiful centerpiece for any holiday display and is nicely viewed from any angle.  His face is hand sculpted with polymer clay and has a soft Tibetan wool beard. He is signed and dated under the beard.

  • Travel Afar

    Travel Afar is a masterpiece Santa! This 42 inches tall Santa is proudly and elegantly riding a grizzly bear to deliver his packages. He has plenty of those holiday gifts  in his brown suede bag on his back. Along with the Grizzly that he rides, he is joined by additional realistic animals including a black-tailed rabbit, a ground squirrel, and a chipmunk. This Santa is wearing a vintage raccoon coat tailored just for him. His boots and cummerbund match his bag and are created with soft brown suede. Travel Afar Santa and his bear are adorned with greenery and berries to present a delightful woodland scene.  His face is hand sculpted, and he has a beautiful Tibetan wool beard.  He is signed and dated under the beard.
  • Wildwood

    Wildwood Santa is a wonderfully lifelike Santa figure, who looks like he just wandered out of the forest. A beautiful Woodland Santa Claus, he is cloaked in a dark sage green velvet coat with luxurious brown fur trim. He stands tall at 26 inches and does not need a doll stand, since he is built with a frame of wood and steel, which allows him to stand on his own. Beside Wildwood Santa is a brown, walking grizzly with pig suede bags stuffed with fabric wrapped packages, silk greenery and berries. A black tail rabbit peers up at him from beside a pencil pine tree, adorned with tiny white lights that are battery operated. The realistic looking grizzly bear and rabbit are handmade and embellished with organza ribbons and silk greenery. This wonderful Holiday collectible also carries a garland of silk greenery on his back, which makes him viewable from all sides. Each Stone Soup Santa has a hand sculpted face of polymer clay with a Tibetan wool beard and is truly a one-of-a-kind Christmas collectible.
  • Wonderful Woodlands” is a grand woodland Santa is accompanied by a multitude of forest friends. The large bear, standing 24 inches tall, has a sparrow resting on his arm. The fawn is enjoying his friend, the black-tailed bunny. Santa, carrying a lantern that lights, is dressed in green velvet with brown faux fur trim. His boots and ties are made from dark brown suede. His sweet face is sculpted from polymer clay and is a one-of-a-kind treasure. Beneath his Tibetan wool beard, he is signed and dated.  A very detailed and joyful Santa is waiting to be part of your collection.                                


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